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Ban Ohio Dog Auctions !

I have been collecting signatures to HELP STOP Ohio Dog Auctions! I really am surprised to find out that there are SO many people who do not know about these CRUEL AUCTIONS!

If you go to you can read all about this horrible event that takes place about 6 times a year. This is animal cruelty and I REALLY cannot believe that there are people who can treat these dogs this way.  I believe that people who take part in any and all animal cruelty have no problem abusing and committing cruelty on people and probably do. Kids included.

Dog Auctions are illegal in most states but of course not here in OHIO. So people come from all over to sell & others to buy these poor dogs that are stuffed in little cages & stacked on top of each other so they pee and poop & it just falls through the cages on the lower dogs. These dogs live like this their whole lives even after they are bought and taken home because the largest amount of these dogs are used in PUPPY MILLS>They live in back yards with no shelter and very little food and water. Used for breeding___ litter after litter until they either get sick and die OR when they get old then they are just thrown out back in a heap to    DIE!!!

One of those participants, breeder Wanda (McDuffee) Kretzman of Minnesota, has been issued multiple citations by the USDA, two of those participants, breeders Kathy Jo Bauckof Minnesota and Lanzie “Junior” Horton of Ohio, have been convicted of animal cruelty and one of those participants, breeder Daniel P. Esh of Pennsylvania, had his license revoked March 19, 2010 by the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

More than two-thirds of the crowd was Amish. They seemed to be selling, not buying. And that, critics say, is the problem.

The Amish are increasingly entering this lucrative dog-breeding business, and animal-rights groups want them stopped.

Since the auction began in 2004, the number of kennels in the area has mushroomed. Holmes County licensed 478 kennels last year, a 40 percent increase from before the auction started, according to the Associated Press.

There are 186 USDA-licensed breeders in Ohio, and more than 100 of them are in Berlin, Millersburg and Sugarcreek, the heart of Amish country.

The Amish aren’t saying much about their involvement. No one at the local seed store would talk about puppy breeding last week. Or at the buggy maker’s. Or at the lumber yard or the pet store. Not even at the corner restaurant.

They didn’t want to talk yesterday, either.

Instead, they marked the dog prices in their sale catalogs and, as they inched by in their buggies, looked away from the protesters.

All of this information is listed on the web site and there is a lot more to read so PLEASE check it out…

PLEASE go there and see where you can sign the petition to HELP all of these dogs and STOP these auctions….


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Another Day To Learn__Gardening Part 3


O.K.__so now we are at my favorite part of gardening___by now you probably know just what you are going to plant and where you want it. Make sure you know if any of the plants you have need anything extra mixed in with the soil. Like some plants need a lot of acid, and some violets need their own fertilizer . Make sure you do your homework first before planting day. I always use Miracle Grow in my gardens, it really does make a difference. You can buy the canister that connects to your hose so as you are watering, you are also fertilizing.


You should buy edging  for the outline of the gardens. This helps keep the soil in the gardens, and helps keep the wondering weeds out. We put this in place first by digging a trench and securing it with soil in front and back. That is just one kind of edging, there are many different styles to choose from.

If you do not have a favorite Green House,or Nursery you like, hopefully you like a reputable store with a GREAT garden center. These are the best places for buying HEALTHY plants, and the people that work there really know GARDENING you can ask them questions about any of the plants or soil.

Pay attention to the USDA Zone that tells you if that plant can live in your area,as well as how much SUN or SHADE the plants need. Just because you like the plant and you want it planted in the south end of your yard,does not mean it will grow there if it is not meant for that spot. As you are planning & buying your plants remember PERENNIALS return year after year and most will multiply so be sure to plant spacing according to the tag. These will be planted farther apart than your annuals. ANNUALS should be planted close together so they look full and not skimpy. This plants grow faster so it will help keep your garden look busy while the perennials are maturing. Taller plants in the back and size accordingly coming to the front.

It is always nice to plant flowers and shrubs and vines for all seasons. To have color as much as possible is a GREAT part of having  BEAUTIFUL GARDENS!  Also planting FRAGRANT flowers are wonderful, most attract butterflies !

When you are HAPPY with the gardens, add the finishing touches. Make sure you water them really good so the soil settles and there will be no air pockets . Then lay down a 2 inch thick blanket of   MULCH , this is very important to help the plants and smother the weeds. I always have BIRD FEEDERS and BIRD BATHS in my GARDENS.

PONDS are very popular, and so are STEPPING STONES!     Use your imagination and go for it! It is your garden, make it PERSONAL.

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Another day to learn..Gardening__Part 2

I would like to start out by telling you that I learned something today about gardening and I want to share it with you.

DIRT is always called SOIL  in gardening!!

Soil is the most important component in a successful garden, so not calling it dirt is a show of respect. Makes me wonder if anyone that read my first Post on gardening thinks bad of me for calling it dirt. I hope not,like I said in Part 1, I am just learning myself. I just want to talk about something I like.  GARDENING !

Soil is all about Fertility, Texture and Structure!

Fertility i s a combination of essential nutrients and a pH that makes these nutrients available to the plants. Texture is the feel of the soil. Structure is just the combination of Fertility and the Texture as an ending product.


These are the three primary nutrients that plants use.  All very important and needed to grow healthy beautiful plants.

Nitrogen is the main factor for making healthy,green leaves and stems.

The nitrogen in the soil is made available to plants by nitrogen fixing bacteria which convert nitrogen into nitrates,a form plants can use. But unfortunately, it does not stay in the soil for a long periods of time. It gets used up quickly by the plants & decay in the soil. It is also water soluble so gets washed away with the rain.

Phosphorus is very important for root growth, for overall plant health.

Flowers grown by bulbs & root crops, really like Phosphorus . Bone meal is another important step when planting bulbs in the Fall to help grow beautiful flowers. These additives are called     FLOWER BOOSTERS!


pH is a measure of the soil acidity or alkalinity.

The reason soil pH matters is that nutrients in the soil are only available to plants if the soil pH is within a certain range.

You really have to do your homework here. Many plants NEED a lot of acid or alkalinity to grow and even just to stay alive,while other plants need very little. The best way is to take a small sample of your soil into a garden store and they will test it for you. Remember, you may have different soil in different areas in your yard. Best to test all of your gardens and make sure.

After you get the soil set right then you can go shopping for your new plants!  You might also want to pick up some     MIRACLE   GROW  too, this does work wonders!

It does take some time if you have to adjust the acid in your soil and it will tend to revert to its old pH over time, necessitating repeated treatment!

O.K. so I guess that’s it for   SOIL  in gardening.  Part 3 will be on   FLOWERS_____This is the FUN part I think  🙂

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Another day to learn.. Gardening___part 1

Gardening is something that I have alway’s wanted to learn as long as I can remember. But it seems like I was alway’s to busy to take some classes and learn the do’s and don’ts. Yet every year I continue to try to succeed in learning the right way to plant beautiful gardens.

First_ I decide where in the yard my next garden is going to be planted:

Second_If there is going to be a design to the garden,I stake out the outline then wrap string around the stakes:

Third_I fill a zip lock bag with flour,take it outside and cut one corner of the bag off,then follow the string leaving a nice white outline

Forth_Remove the sod:

And Fifth_Dig up the ground and chop up all the big pieces of dirt:

Sounds good right? Not entirely! If I would have taken a class,or done my homework on the internet ,I would have saved myself A LOT of TIME AND MONEY..

First let me tell you whats wrong with this theory:

  • You should alway’s wait a full year after you move to a new place and just observe your new yard.  Pay attention to everything that is already alive and things that are planted but just not in bloom yet.. Depends on what time of year it is as to what you will actually be seeing . As the seasons change you may notice  some areas are very busy while others are empty that need attention. This also includes _ Trees & Bushes.
  • If  it is not a new yard, just  think about these details as you picture your yard.
  • Then watch for water! To much in some areas,where you have standing water, or the other problem,not enough water,these areas never seems to get the rain.
  • What kind of dirt do you have:

1.)  black dirt      (if your lucky)

2.)  clay

3.)  sand

4.)  too much acid in the dirt

5.) not enough acid

  • You have to plant in accordance with the  SUN    (Very Important) where are you getting morning sun compared to afternoon sun. Afternoon is hotter.
  • If your thinking about putting a nice flower garden around that big oak tree,  REMEMBER,  TREE ROOTS ____you will have to make it a raised garden.

These are just a few very important things that have to be considered before you INVEST   in your GARDENS…

Next Blog we will examine   DIRT ..

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Lets Talk About Animals..

First thing I want to say is___I LOVE ANIMALS..

I hope to meet a lot of people here that feel the same way. Ever since I can remember, I have always tried to save every animal that I thought needed help. One time when I was out walking, I actually picked up this little dog and took it up to the nearest house and asked the woman if she had ever seen this dog before. She opened the door,grabbed the dog,and said “yes he is my dog” Well that sure taught me to stand back and just watch the animal for a while  before  jumping in and trying to save it.

I have 3 cats right now, and a friend of mine is taking care of 2 more for me until I can find them a good home, or buy a house so I can have 5. These last 2 cats adopted me about 5 years ago. Where I use to live the neighbor had some outside cats and everyday many of them would come across the road and visit me while I was working in my yard. Well they sure found out fast just how much I love animals. I talked with my neighbor and I asked her if I could help feed them and start getting them all spayed or neutered,she said sure.So,we did.But by this time she had probably 18 cats. 

 I really enjoyed their company while I was working or just sitting out on the patio.When I would get home from work,some would already be all stretched out on the chairs waiting for me to join them.Each one has his or her own personality and I think just about every animal does.

  Some of them started staying all night and soon I was leaving my side garage door open a little for them and I put some cat beds up in the rafters.They would still go home for visits and come back whenever they wanted.With winter on its way I had to come up with a better idea,so,I did.As it got cold out just these 2 stayed pretty much all the time_China & her daughter Firecracker.I put a cat door in and that was great.I only had to show them a couple of times how to push through the door.Then a friend of mine built them a wooden box fully insulated and I put it in on a dresser.They were happy kittys! Well I still worried about them when the temperature went under 32* so I bought a pet heating pad and plugged that in on those super cold nights & days.

So when the time came and I was gonna move,I couldn’t just leave them so my friend said she would keep them till I found them a home.She was their ANGEL for sure.