Posted by: cmkoepfer | July 23, 2010

Lets Talk About Animals..

First thing I want to say is___I LOVE ANIMALS..

I hope to meet a lot of people here that feel the same way. Ever since I can remember, I have always tried to save every animal that I thought needed help. One time when I was out walking, I actually picked up this little dog and took it up to the nearest house and asked the woman if she had ever seen this dog before. She opened the door,grabbed the dog,and said “yes he is my dog” Well that sure taught me to stand back and just watch the animal for a while  before  jumping in and trying to save it.

I have 3 cats right now, and a friend of mine is taking care of 2 more for me until I can find them a good home, or buy a house so I can have 5. These last 2 cats adopted me about 5 years ago. Where I use to live the neighbor had some outside cats and everyday many of them would come across the road and visit me while I was working in my yard. Well they sure found out fast just how much I love animals. I talked with my neighbor and I asked her if I could help feed them and start getting them all spayed or neutered,she said sure.So,we did.But by this time she had probably 18 cats. 

 I really enjoyed their company while I was working or just sitting out on the patio.When I would get home from work,some would already be all stretched out on the chairs waiting for me to join them.Each one has his or her own personality and I think just about every animal does.

  Some of them started staying all night and soon I was leaving my side garage door open a little for them and I put some cat beds up in the rafters.They would still go home for visits and come back whenever they wanted.With winter on its way I had to come up with a better idea,so,I did.As it got cold out just these 2 stayed pretty much all the time_China & her daughter Firecracker.I put a cat door in and that was great.I only had to show them a couple of times how to push through the door.Then a friend of mine built them a wooden box fully insulated and I put it in on a dresser.They were happy kittys! Well I still worried about them when the temperature went under 32* so I bought a pet heating pad and plugged that in on those super cold nights & days.

So when the time came and I was gonna move,I couldn’t just leave them so my friend said she would keep them till I found them a home.She was their ANGEL for sure.       


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