Posted by: cmkoepfer | July 28, 2010

Another day to learn.. Gardening___part 1

Gardening is something that I have alway’s wanted to learn as long as I can remember. But it seems like I was alway’s to busy to take some classes and learn the do’s and don’ts. Yet every year I continue to try to succeed in learning the right way to plant beautiful gardens.

First_ I decide where in the yard my next garden is going to be planted:

Second_If there is going to be a design to the garden,I stake out the outline then wrap string around the stakes:

Third_I fill a zip lock bag with flour,take it outside and cut one corner of the bag off,then follow the string leaving a nice white outline

Forth_Remove the sod:

And Fifth_Dig up the ground and chop up all the big pieces of dirt:

Sounds good right? Not entirely! If I would have taken a class,or done my homework on the internet ,I would have saved myself A LOT of TIME AND MONEY..

First let me tell you whats wrong with this theory:

  • You should alway’s wait a full year after you move to a new place and just observe your new yard.  Pay attention to everything that is already alive and things that are planted but just not in bloom yet.. Depends on what time of year it is as to what you will actually be seeing . As the seasons change you may notice  some areas are very busy while others are empty that need attention. This also includes _ Trees & Bushes.
  • If  it is not a new yard, just  think about these details as you picture your yard.
  • Then watch for water! To much in some areas,where you have standing water, or the other problem,not enough water,these areas never seems to get the rain.
  • What kind of dirt do you have:

1.)  black dirt      (if your lucky)

2.)  clay

3.)  sand

4.)  too much acid in the dirt

5.) not enough acid

  • You have to plant in accordance with the  SUN    (Very Important) where are you getting morning sun compared to afternoon sun. Afternoon is hotter.
  • If your thinking about putting a nice flower garden around that big oak tree,  REMEMBER,  TREE ROOTS ____you will have to make it a raised garden.

These are just a few very important things that have to be considered before you INVEST   in your GARDENS…

Next Blog we will examine   DIRT ..



  1. Wow! This garden looks amazing! I love gardening too..I have to say though, mine looks nothing like this…great job! 🙂

    • Thanks Christina,
      How long have you been gardening? I love spending time out in the gardens.I think it is very relaxing…

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