Posted by: cmkoepfer | August 2, 2010

Another day to learn..Gardening__Part 2

I would like to start out by telling you that I learned something today about gardening and I want to share it with you.

DIRT is always called SOIL  in gardening!!

Soil is the most important component in a successful garden, so not calling it dirt is a show of respect. Makes me wonder if anyone that read my first Post on gardening thinks bad of me for calling it dirt. I hope not,like I said in Part 1, I am just learning myself. I just want to talk about something I like.  GARDENING !

Soil is all about Fertility, Texture and Structure!

Fertility i s a combination of essential nutrients and a pH that makes these nutrients available to the plants. Texture is the feel of the soil. Structure is just the combination of Fertility and the Texture as an ending product.


These are the three primary nutrients that plants use.  All very important and needed to grow healthy beautiful plants.

Nitrogen is the main factor for making healthy,green leaves and stems.

The nitrogen in the soil is made available to plants by nitrogen fixing bacteria which convert nitrogen into nitrates,a form plants can use. But unfortunately, it does not stay in the soil for a long periods of time. It gets used up quickly by the plants & decay in the soil. It is also water soluble so gets washed away with the rain.

Phosphorus is very important for root growth, for overall plant health.

Flowers grown by bulbs & root crops, really like Phosphorus . Bone meal is another important step when planting bulbs in the Fall to help grow beautiful flowers. These additives are called     FLOWER BOOSTERS!


pH is a measure of the soil acidity or alkalinity.

The reason soil pH matters is that nutrients in the soil are only available to plants if the soil pH is within a certain range.

You really have to do your homework here. Many plants NEED a lot of acid or alkalinity to grow and even just to stay alive,while other plants need very little. The best way is to take a small sample of your soil into a garden store and they will test it for you. Remember, you may have different soil in different areas in your yard. Best to test all of your gardens and make sure.

After you get the soil set right then you can go shopping for your new plants!  You might also want to pick up some     MIRACLE   GROW  too, this does work wonders!

It does take some time if you have to adjust the acid in your soil and it will tend to revert to its old pH over time, necessitating repeated treatment!

O.K. so I guess that’s it for   SOIL  in gardening.  Part 3 will be on   FLOWERS_____This is the FUN part I think  🙂


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