Posted by: cmkoepfer | August 12, 2010

Another Day To Learn__Gardening Part 3


O.K.__so now we are at my favorite part of gardening___by now you probably know just what you are going to plant and where you want it. Make sure you know if any of the plants you have need anything extra mixed in with the soil. Like some plants need a lot of acid, and some violets need their own fertilizer . Make sure you do your homework first before planting day. I always use Miracle Grow in my gardens, it really does make a difference. You can buy the canister that connects to your hose so as you are watering, you are also fertilizing.


You should buy edging  for the outline of the gardens. This helps keep the soil in the gardens, and helps keep the wondering weeds out. We put this in place first by digging a trench and securing it with soil in front and back. That is just one kind of edging, there are many different styles to choose from.

If you do not have a favorite Green House,or Nursery you like, hopefully you like a reputable store with a GREAT garden center. These are the best places for buying HEALTHY plants, and the people that work there really know GARDENING you can ask them questions about any of the plants or soil.

Pay attention to the USDA Zone that tells you if that plant can live in your area,as well as how much SUN or SHADE the plants need. Just because you like the plant and you want it planted in the south end of your yard,does not mean it will grow there if it is not meant for that spot. As you are planning & buying your plants remember PERENNIALS return year after year and most will multiply so be sure to plant spacing according to the tag. These will be planted farther apart than your annuals. ANNUALS should be planted close together so they look full and not skimpy. This plants grow faster so it will help keep your garden look busy while the perennials are maturing. Taller plants in the back and size accordingly coming to the front.

It is always nice to plant flowers and shrubs and vines for all seasons. To have color as much as possible is a GREAT part of having  BEAUTIFUL GARDENS!  Also planting FRAGRANT flowers are wonderful, most attract butterflies !

When you are HAPPY with the gardens, add the finishing touches. Make sure you water them really good so the soil settles and there will be no air pockets . Then lay down a 2 inch thick blanket of   MULCH , this is very important to help the plants and smother the weeds. I always have BIRD FEEDERS and BIRD BATHS in my GARDENS.

PONDS are very popular, and so are STEPPING STONES!     Use your imagination and go for it! It is your garden, make it PERSONAL.


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