Posted by: cmkoepfer | August 20, 2010

Ban Ohio Dog Auctions !

I have been collecting signatures to HELP STOP Ohio Dog Auctions! I really am surprised to find out that there are SO many people who do not know about these CRUEL AUCTIONS!

If you go to you can read all about this horrible event that takes place about 6 times a year. This is animal cruelty and I REALLY cannot believe that there are people who can treat these dogs this way.  I believe that people who take part in any and all animal cruelty have no problem abusing and committing cruelty on people and probably do. Kids included.

Dog Auctions are illegal in most states but of course not here in OHIO. So people come from all over to sell & others to buy these poor dogs that are stuffed in little cages & stacked on top of each other so they pee and poop & it just falls through the cages on the lower dogs. These dogs live like this their whole lives even after they are bought and taken home because the largest amount of these dogs are used in PUPPY MILLS>They live in back yards with no shelter and very little food and water. Used for breeding___ litter after litter until they either get sick and die OR when they get old then they are just thrown out back in a heap to    DIE!!!

One of those participants, breeder Wanda (McDuffee) Kretzman of Minnesota, has been issued multiple citations by the USDA, two of those participants, breeders Kathy Jo Bauckof Minnesota and Lanzie “Junior” Horton of Ohio, have been convicted of animal cruelty and one of those participants, breeder Daniel P. Esh of Pennsylvania, had his license revoked March 19, 2010 by the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

More than two-thirds of the crowd was Amish. They seemed to be selling, not buying. And that, critics say, is the problem.

The Amish are increasingly entering this lucrative dog-breeding business, and animal-rights groups want them stopped.

Since the auction began in 2004, the number of kennels in the area has mushroomed. Holmes County licensed 478 kennels last year, a 40 percent increase from before the auction started, according to the Associated Press.

There are 186 USDA-licensed breeders in Ohio, and more than 100 of them are in Berlin, Millersburg and Sugarcreek, the heart of Amish country.

The Amish aren’t saying much about their involvement. No one at the local seed store would talk about puppy breeding last week. Or at the buggy maker’s. Or at the lumber yard or the pet store. Not even at the corner restaurant.

They didn’t want to talk yesterday, either.

Instead, they marked the dog prices in their sale catalogs and, as they inched by in their buggies, looked away from the protesters.

All of this information is listed on the web site and there is a lot more to read so PLEASE check it out…

PLEASE go there and see where you can sign the petition to HELP all of these dogs and STOP these auctions….



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